• Thasveeru - Maldives through Art is open to all artists regardless of nationality, and who are at least sixteen (16) years of age or above at the time of entry.  
  • No Copyright Infringement
    The submitted artwork must be released for individual usage or purpose usage grants. All submitted artwork must be a first-hand creation of the submitting artist. No unauthorised use of any copyright images, text, or other materials will be accepted. All artwork must also be submitted online. If we find a copied artwork, we unfortunately cannot accept the work. 
  • All Entries Must Be Submitted Online
    All submissions must be submitted online through, the artist must include the following information when submitting the artwork: Title, Medium, Nationality,  Size, Category, Description of the Artwork (maximum 50 words) in English, Contact Number and Email of the Artist and social media handles of the artist (if applicable). Only one entry per artist is allowed.  
  • Specification
    The artwork picture must be sent not below than 300 DPI and in RGB. File size should not exceed 10MBs.. Artists must submit only image formats: png, jpg or jpeg. Artwork must not be watermarked by any external source. Cannot have any company logos or trademarks. Personal logos and signatures are allowed. 
  • Appropriate Content
    The submitted artwork must fit in the theme ‘Celebration of Nature’ and it must be appropriate for public use. As Visit Maldives’ main objective is to promote the beauty, biodiversity and uniqueness of Maldives, all the submitted artwork must in one way or the other represent the beauty of Maldives. It is up to the discretion of the judging panel to decide if a submitted artwork is aligned with the theme.  
  • Review and Inclusion in Exhibition
    All Entries will be reviewed at the time of submission to ensure adherence to the guidelines of the exhibit. Inclusion or Exclusion in the exhibit is at the sole discretion of MMPRC.
  • Disclaimer
    The submitting artist will be held responsible for any copyright dispute that may arise. MMPRC will not be held liable for any loss or damage which may directly or indirectly result from any advice, opinion, information, representation or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, from this exhibition. 
  • Right of use
    MMPRC has the right to promote exhibits through print, social media and on the Visit Maldives website and also to photograph and reproduce any artwork accepted in the exhibition for publicity purposes during the exhibition and in the future promotional activities. 
  • Deadline to submit:
    Last day to submit the art work is 15th August 2021 before 12 PM (GMT +5).


Judging Criteria  

Thasveeru - Maldives Through Art

Judging Criteria - Judges will be marking the Artists work under this criteria







Skill in generating one's own idea and creativity in the form of 2D work or Art.




The work must fit the idea and creativity of the art work into the concept provided.




The work must not be a copy of another artist's work or found image from another source.




The work must be resolved in all aspects and completed according to the guideline provided.




The fluency and control over the chosen medium.


The final winners are selected based on 50% of Instagram likes and 50% of the total score given by the judging panel for the artwork.